An estate of abundance.

Imagine the perfect escape and only minutes from Cagayan de Oro City. A unique blend of distant mountain ranges, incredible views, cool breezes and open spaces that is the epitome of peace, solitude and family fun. This estate is masterfully planned with landscaped grounds while enhancing its natural beauty.

Menzi Orchard Residences is now ready for the family and the laid back lifestyle everyone wants.

An eighty hectare orchard.

Truly beautiful in all its simplicity and serenity! Blessed with sun-drenched fields and cool mountain breezes, future residents can enjoy fresh harvests from their gardens and surrounding plantations. Menzi Orchard Residences advocates the preservation of the greenery and vegetation. Living green in harmony with nature and the environment is our goal for a sustainable future.

A Tranquil Retreat

The ambiance of vast greenery and blue skies are only a few reasons that make Menzi Orchard Residences the ideal country home. A country lifestyle amidst the majestic mountains of Bukidnon, it is the perfect hideaway from the busy city.

An exhilarating landscape

Live in the bosom of nature in the plateau of Damilag. Drive through age-old trees, blossoming flowers and vast plantations. See the sprawling gardens or watch the sunset from the hilltop viewdeck overlooking the village. Indeed, a breathtaking experience!

Menzi Orchard Residences offers the ultimate getaway and lifestyle.

Uncover a glorious past.

The late Gen. Hans M. Menzi, a renowned Filipino businessman and pioneer of Modern Philippine Agriculture, had an eye for fertile lands and the cultivation of crops like cacao, oranges and coffee. As a tribute to this rich heritage evident in the village, Menzi Orchard Residences endeavors to preserve the lush vegetation and orchards amidst the houses and roads.Drop by at Menzi Orchard Residences and visit the Hans Menzi Museum, and relive this piece of history.

Smile. You’re home.

A twenty-kilometer drive to bliss

Just a 20-minute drive from Puerto, Cagayan de Oro and minutes away from the well known Del Monte Golf Course and Dahilayan Adventure Park, your family will never be bored nor will your guest, as it is a dream for entertaining or just relaxing.

A welcoming break

Sit back and relax in the comforts of your American country home. Experience the unique ambiance of the country lifestyle within a green community. Or take a walk through the hills and relish the solitude of peace at the view deck overlooking the village.

A time to bond

Unwind in the clubhouse amidst the lush greenery and meet your friendly neighbors. Or swim in the pool with family and friends. Enjoy your Family Day.

The Orchard way. The Country way. The Menzi way.

Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
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